While our approach is geared towards resolving disputes and controversies amicably and cost-efficiently, CST’s seasoned litigators possess the necessary credentials and expertise to offer our clients highly-skilled representation in adversarial litigation proceedings involving federal and local law before the federal and local courts, arbitration fora, as well as before federal and local administrative agencies. CST is widely recognized for its uncanny ability to represent clients facing critical and complex litigation issues and employing practical and sensible measures to avoid litigation and promote amicable negotiations and settlement of disputes. At CST we have the capability to rapidly assemble specialized and integrated teams of experts to litigate claims ranging from traditional commercial and civil litigation, including torts and contractual liability, to complex controversies involving insurance, construction and corporate law, among others. We also routinely handle and litigate disputes arising from bids with government agencies and/or municipalities.

CST’s litigation attorneys possess the necessary tools and experience to litigate claims ranging from complex commercial and contractual matters to practically any controversy that may arise in connection with a company’s establishment, operation and/or closing of business operations on the Island. Our experienced litigators represent our clients in trial and appellate courts, routinely appearing before the courts of the Commonwealth and the U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico in order to advocate on behalf of our clients’ interests and regularly submitting thorough and skillfully-drafted appellate briefs before the Puerto Rico Court of Appeals, the Puerto Rico Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit and even the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our proven track record and exceptional reputation stems from our hard-working and passionate litigators, who advocate on behalf of our clients with effortless passion and excellence, while observing t all times the highest professional, ethical and moral standards.

Specializations within Litigation

  • Insurance Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial & Construction Law Litigation
  • Employment Law and Litigation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Personal Injury & Premises Liability Litigation
  • Tax Litigation
  • FINRA-Securities Litigation
  • Risk Prevention
  • Appellate Practice
  • Administrative Agency Procedings
  • Insurance & Health Law
  • Proposals & Procurement Litigation
  • Distribution & Franchising Law

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