CST’s Government and Legislative Affairs Practice Group is composed of dedicated, dynamic and talented professionals, who have the experience to deliver measurable bottom-line results to our clients without surrendering CST’s utmost commitment to ethics and integrity, which stand at the forefront of our Firm’s core beliefs and values. At CST we guide our clients from plan inception to implementation, to achieve desired results in a cost-effective manner.

CST’s attorneys specializing in government affairs, some of whom have years of distinguished public service, are widely known and regarded by their peers for their leadership in government relations and advocacy. Among other things, our attorneys offer personalized legislation and regulation monitoring services, provide detailed legislation proposal and regulation tracking and analysis, counsel clients with respect to Government relations, draft proposed legislation and prepare position letters for submittal to various legislative committees and develop and implement political strategies to advance our client’s needs and specific objectives.

Specializations within Government and Legislative Affairs

  • Government Contracts and Procurement
  • Legislative Monitoring
  • Evaluation and Monitoring of Bills and Resolutions
  • Legislative Procedures
  • Counseling
  • Administrative Procedures and Investigations

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CST Law is committed to provide Puerto Rico’s business community with updated insights, news and analysis of legal, regulatory and Government actions.

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