Puerto Rico presents a unique backdrop for the employee benefits field were federal rules converge with the rules of local agencies and the Puerto Rico Department of the Treasury (“Hacienda”), which rules are similar but not identical to the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Being a niche area not many firms in the island can offer a comprehensive understanding of the Puerto Rico employee benefits field. CST counts with tax attorneys that have years of hands-on experience on the local intricacies of the Puerto Rico employee benefits and pension plan field.

Our attorneys can assist you with issues related to employee benefit plans, pension plans, executive compensation, ERISA, employee health and welfare plans, plan terminations, design, drafting qualifying plans in Puerto Rico, plan maintenance and compliance, drafting of plan amendments, and assisting clients in the preparation and submission of reports for plan participants. In addition, our seasoned attorneys have vast experience dealing and handling employee benefits related matters with Hacienda, the Puerto Rico and U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC).

With the enactment of the Internal Revenue Code for a New Puerto Rico in 2011, Hacienda is currently in the process of implementing new regulations that cover reimbursements to employees. We regularly counsel and assist our clients to ensure compliance with such rules and regulations by designing the required policies for implementing locally compliant Employee Reimbursement Plans, which may include an accountable and non-accountable plan.

Specializations within Employee Benefits

  • Counseling & Litigation
  • Pension Plans
  • Non-qualified Difered Compensation Plans
  • Executive Compensation

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